Look up, not down.

A world beyond our smartphones…..

I shot these images outside of PNC Park in Pittsburgh, PA. These folks were waiting for the ballgame (Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Oakland Athletics). Each one captured my attention. As you can see, they all have something in common…they’re looking down, rather than up.

We live on a great big beautiful planet, filled with interesting human beings, yet we all spend so much time living our lives through little screens. I know I’m guilty. Our smartphones may be our connection to the world, but they also cause a disconnect. I wonder how many special moments I’ve missed because my eyes were fixed on my screen? I’m sure there were a lot. I have to continually remind myself to shift my focus; after all, genuine connection happens in real life.

Next time you’re at an event, or even out picking up your groceries, take a look around and notice how many people are looking down. Maybe you’ll consider walking up to a few just to say hello. Let’s start giving each other reasons to look up.


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