Leaving the Nest

There is freedom

waiting for you,

on the breezes

of the sky,

and you ask,

“What if I fall?”

Oh but my darling,

what if you fly?

~Erin Hanson

I watched the parents of this baby robin assiduously construct the nest that would become his first home. I looked on as his momma attentively sheltered her eggs, one from which he would soon emerge. I sat on my front porch steps in captivation as mom and dad took turns feeding their ravenous hatchlings and, as you can see, this chubby little fella sure got his fair share. He was the first to boldly journey out of the nest. I felt as if he and I had a special bond. I found myself wondering what would become of him. Where would he go? What adversities would he encounter? I like to think his life was a grand adventure filled with wonderment. I hope he didn’t just fly…I hope he soared. My wish is that he grew up and became a sign of hope for someone longing for spring.

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